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Industry: Transportation
Project: AUB Kit


Compliant replacement part


increase of the surface contact of the electrodes

Services Provided: 

Product Strategy & Consulting

  • Product compliance review (quality and safety requirements, testing requirements, market approval requirements)

  • Product labeling, specifications, intended use, and indications for use statements development

  • Production process optimization 

  • Product quality assurance service

Manufacturing & Sourcing

  • Micro factory Service

  • Materials consultation

  • Supply chain validation

  • Internal and external quality audits

  • Onshore and offshore manufacturing support

  • Contract Manufacturing (CM) service

  • CNC Production

  • Fabrication (Welding, Sheet Metal, etc.)

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Design and Drafting

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

  • Design for Assembly (DFA)

  • Tolerance Analysis

  • Material Selection and Analysis

  • Mechanical Systems Integration

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • 3D Modeling and Simulation

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Reverse Engineering​​ Service

Project Detail: 

Lake Harbour create a replacement kit for a 50-year-old, out-of-production electrical set, specifically designed for trains. The goal was to ensure a seamless integration without modifying the existing assembly process.


  • Inconsistent data from samples, drawings, and technical specifications.

  • Mismatched dimensions between samples and drawings.

  • Varied coating information and non-standard material thicknesses.

  • Contradictory component joining techniques.



  • Collaborative solutions with stakeholders.

  • Detailed analysis of the part, focusing on functionality, compatibility, durability, and reliability.



  • Creation of a fully compliant replacement part.

  • A 97% increase in electrode surface contact, enhancing efficiency.

  • Improved manufacturing quality, resulting in a superior finish and extended part lifespan.

  • Successful delivery and installation of the first 100 kits in NYCT’s trains.

Tolerance Analysis


  • 3D Modeling and Simulation

Mechanical Design and Drafting

Conceptual Prototyping

Product compliance review

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