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Are you dealing with these challenges?

You experience difficulty in engaging suppliers primarily due to low order quantity 

You possess groundbreaking ideas, yet find yourself lacking expertise necessary for validation
You're struggling to advance your proof of concepts without sufficient investor funding

Our Services

What your will get:

• Risk Assessment
• Profitab
ility Assessment
• SWOT Analysis
• Market Positioning
• Project Road Mapping

Business Case
Evaluation Workshop

• The Business Case Evaluation Workshop provides an in-depth analysis designed to scrutinize and validate the strategic direction of your business initiatives.

• Through a comprehensive suite of assessments including Risk, Profitability, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), and Market Positioning, this workshop equips you with the insights needed to navigate complex business landscapes effectively.

• Coupled with project road mapping, it ensures that businesses are not only aware of potential challenges and opportunities but are also strategically positioned to capitalize on them, making it an essential exercise for informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Business Evaluation

Business and Design Review

The Business Case Review service offers a comprehensive analysis aimed at ensuring the feasibility and financial viability of product development projects.

We conduct detailed reviews of the Bill of Materials, CAD models, and provide a Production Feasibility Report that includes cost, duration, human resource, and tooling investments.

We apply automotive industry's APQP techniques to create a product development road map, an indispensable tool for informed decision-making.




What your will get:

• Bill of Materials Review
• CAD Model Review
• Production Feasibility Report 
• Source of Funding Options
 Project Road Mapping

What your will get:

Bill of Materials Review
• Redesigned CAD Model (Design for Manufacturing)
• Production Feasibility Report (Estimates on Product Development Costs, Duration, Human Resources, Up-Front Tooling Investment)

Prototype Optimization

Prototype Optimization service meticulously enhances product designs for manufacturability, starting with a thorough Bill of Materials Review and proceeding to a Redesigned CAD Model tailored for efficient production.

This service not only delivers a functional prototype but also a comprehensive Production Feasibility Report detailing development costs, timelines, manpower, and tooling investments, strategically aligning technical improvements with cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

It is an essential service for businesses looking to refine their prototypes for market readiness, ensuring both technical viability and economic feasibility.


Expert Support
Factory Worker_edited.jpg

What your will get:

• Bill of Materials Review 
• Production Feasibility Rep
ort (Estimates on Product Development Costs, Duration, Human Resources, Up-Front Tooling Investment)
• CAD Model Review 
• Design Validation Pla
n and Report (DVP&R)
• Production
Ready Tooling 
Tooled Samples

Production Feasibility Review

• We will meticulously review your CAD model, pinpointing areas for improvement in Design for Manufacture (DFM) and identifying potential design failure points. This step ensures your design is optimized for manufacturing efficiency and quality.

• Our team will present a concise production schedule and tooling plan, streamlining your journey from design to manufacturing. Additionally, a tooled prototype will be provided for functional review and assessment.

• We emphasize quality control through a detailed test plan and in-house quality assurance, focusing on early issue detection and resolution. This comprehensive approach ensures the samples meets all design specifications and industry standards.

Expert Support
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