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Client: IPS
Industry: Railway


months ahead of schedule​


sourcing to support Canadian 

During the 2019 pandemic, when Canada faced a critical shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Lake Harbour Co. Ltd. undertook an impactful project that not only met but exceeded expectations. The project, which was completed four months ahead of schedule. Key to this success was the development of a prototype for PPE tailored to meet Canadian needs. LHC strategically sourced the initial PPE units from China, recognizing the urgency and scarcity during the pandemic. However, understanding the unique requirements in Canada, the team meticulously modified these units. This process involved a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) which was crucial in guiding the modifications effectively. By carefully adapting the PPE to suit the specific Canadian healthcare standards and needs, LHC demonstrated exceptional adaptability and responsiveness to a global crisis, while also ensuring the safety and compliance of the equipment. This project not only showcased LHC's ability to manage and execute critical projects under tight deadlines but also their capacity to innovate and adapt in response to emergent global health challenges.


On-demand sourcing
Canadian standard
Emergency sourcing
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